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About us & roof tents

What is a roof tent?

A roof tent is a tent system which can be attacked to the roof of a vehicle.

This makes it possible to sleep space-saving on top of your car.



Why roof-camping?

You are closer to nature.

You can easily transform your car to a camper.

Roof-camping is possible on every camping site, in the wilderness, forest, at the water or a lake, on a mountain or in the city.

Roof-camping is cheaper. On ferries, camping sites, parking sites or tollways you often pay less. Furthermore: Once installed, fuel consumption only rises to a small extent.


The "roof-tent-feeling"

Camping on the first storey and the feeling to sleep above the ground - the charm and adventures of roof-camping are unique. This alternative to regular camping is especially one thing: convenient. In some countries, camping on the ground is not possible due to dangerous animals, uncomfortable ground or because of administrative regulations. A car with a roof tent is a relaxing alternative, which is also less expensive. Also, the sleeping site inside the roof tent can be prepared or disassembled in only a few minutes. The tent on top of your vehicle has enough space to store blankets, so you don't have to put them back in the car. In short: A roof tent comes with all the advantages of classical tents, but with more convenience and therefore is a perfect alternative to a campervan. The best thing is that roof tents are flexible and can also be installed on boats, in the garden or as a treehouse.


Can I put a roof tent on every vehicle?

Yes, you can. One big question for roof-camping beginners is often: "Can my car carry the weight of the tent?". And yes, it is true that a roof tent can weigh about 70 kilograms, on top with a few human beings inside this tent. But every car is able to carry a roof tent. What you need is the right rack to hold the tent. Once the roof rack is installed can use the tent while the vehicle is not moving without causing damages on the car. Only the permissible total weight must not be exceeded. The installation of the roof tent is, by the way, very easy. After about an hour you can go on your journey. 

Buying or renting: Is the purchase worth it?

Roof tents hardly fall in value and do not need a lot of maintenance. Also the fuel consumption only rises a small percentage. For frequent campers the investment is worth it. For those wanting to spend less money, it is possible to find well-preserved second-hand tents. You can also rent a tent. We rent roof tents for daily or weekly rates. So if you want to try out roof camping, you should rent. If you like the experience you can still buy your own tent or other items: Heating, additional awnings, windows etc. - Your roof tent can be like your home.

If you choose to buy a tent after renting it, we offer you an 80% discount.

Where in Austria can I go roof camping?

As with any other form of outdoor-camping in most European countries, roof-camping is not allowed in the wilderness. An exception are Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Ireland and Spain. There you can spend multiple nights in the nature. Of course you can always drive to a camping site or stay on private grounds where the owner allows camping. National parks or protected landscapes of course are still taboo.

Tip: On 'park4night' and 'ioverlander' outdoor-travellers share their experience and offer tips for the best camping sites.



INTER-TRADE was founded in 2018 in Linz, Austria, trading quality camping equipment, customized for our international clients.

Our young and committed team helps you with all your questions about roof-camping and our products.


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